​Aerial Photography and Videography
We have used our drone to take photos and videos in locations all over the South Island. Urban, rural,
residential, commercial... even out in the middle of the bush - we can go there! Check out some of our photos here.

Business Promotion Videos
We can help you with many different types of promotional videos for your business. Brand promotion, product launches, events and demonstration videos are just a few of the services we offer.
Event Video Coverage and Promotion
Whether you want full coverage, highlights or a documentary-style video, we can attract attention to your event. We can create and upload full videos for your
online audience and show them both past events and future ones to come. 

Real Estate Photography and Videography
There is no better way to show off large property than from a bird’s eye view! Aerial photos and videos give buyers a clear, overall picture of what’s on offer. We also do promos and walk-through videos to give potential buyers a room-by-room experience.

Timelapse Videos
Want to see your new house be built in 5 minutes? Building or renovating commercial property? We can squeeze a day’s (or even a year’s!) work into a
short video.

Wedding Videography
Don't let your special day go by without capturing it on video! We can make you a small highlights video or do a whole package including ceremony, photo shoot, speeches and dance to make sure you don’t miss a single happy moment.